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They can be changed into warm soup and porridge.

1, prudent water in the morning Many women think of getting up and drinking water as their daily homework. It helps to relax the bowels, reduce blood viscosity and make the whole person look smart. However, those who are thin, white and cold are not suitable for drinking milk, juice or cold water that is lower than body temperature in the morning. Drink water 2, the most nourishing the stomach before the meal Before entering solid food, first drink half cup (about 100 milliliters), can be room temperature juice, yogurt, also can be warm ice sugar chrysanthemum water or light tea, or a small bowl of thick appetizer soup, is a good way to nourishing the stomach. 3, the water that Do can't see Some people do not seem to drink water all day long, because the water they eat is enough to meet the needs. Food also contains water, such as rice, which contains 60% of water, and porridge is rich in water. It is not difficult to see that the food composition table is not difficult to see that the water content of vegetables and fruits is generally more than 70%. Even if only 500 grams of fruits and vegetables are eaten in a day, 300--400 milliliters of water can be obtained (two).

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